Marie Therese Bishay

Marie Therese Bishay had a great passion to experiment and implement the Montessori philosophy and education for underprivileged children, in an authentic Montessori environment. 


In 2008, after establishing several classrooms with organizations serving ignored areas in Cairo, Egypt , she established a classroom with MEPI certified teachers . A year later she launched another classroom at St. Mary’s church in Manshiat Nasser, influencing many other classrooms along the way. 


In 2011, she served as lead teacher and administrator at the Montessori Child Corner Alwan Wa Awtar Montessori classroom. This classroom continues to be a platform for all segments of the Egyptian diverse community of children; from privileged families, children with different challenges and children with mothers now getting more involved in the Montessori educational process.  Marie Therese views this project as a module for life long learning experiences which has confirmed for her,  every word said by Dr. Montessori.


Inspired by the nature of all lives, Marie Therese lives for her family life which includes all those whom she cares for. She continues to learn and absorb as much as she can - to create, inspire, and thrive with those who are interested.


Between 2002 – 2014, Marie Therese volunteered and helped with the teacher education program directed by Mrs. Marguerite Richardt.  After Marguerite’s retirement, Marie Therese became the course director for this program under MEPI.

Marie Therese serves on the MEPI Board of Director and co-chairs the Ambassador Committee.