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Mary Helen Cline

Mary Helen has been involved with Montessori education since 1982. She is certified in Early Childhood by MIA and MEPI and in Elementary I/II by MEPI. She is Head of School of Montessori at Sandy Ford, in Newton, NC. where she shares running the school with her husband Kenyon Kelly, who teaches in Early Childhood. Mary Helen also guides the Upper Elementary/Middle School class.

Kenyon and Mary Helen reside beside the school and maintain the numerous gardens, orchards, and animals on “the Compound”.

Mary Helen is involved in Montessori teacher education with Institute for Guided Studies (IGS). She is honored to have “inherited” this teacher training organization from Sherry Sweet. She is also honored to have the rights to teach the Elementary teacher education course written by Beti Wyn Holcombe. These two women were mentors for Mary Helen, and strongly influenced her direction in Montessori education.

A founding member of MEPI, Mary Helen has served on the Board of Directors as Chair of the Education Committee since the organization’s inception.

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