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Patrick McGlinchy


Patrick has been a Montessori teacher for 15 years and presently is Administrator of Keystone Montessori School in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

If you are fortunate, you may have attended one of his workshops on Science or Dyslexia at any number of Montessori conferences.

He feels most strongly about the global focus of Montessori with emphasis on Peace education and empowering children for making positive choices in our society. His previous work with running political campaigns gave him insights and skills with communications and working with diverse personalities. This has served him well as he brings to the table his abilities to work cooperatively with groups of people.

 He sees his role as helping to further MEPI's mission and shared values and tapping the many resources he has developed over the course of his Montessori career.

He is the youngest of 9 children which gave him his sense of humor and ability to express thoughts convincingly. His two children attend Montessori Elementary showing Patrick first hand the benefits of Montessori's vision for the children of our world.

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