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School Accreditation: Programs

International Montessori 

School Accreditation

Accreditation declares to all stakeholders and the community at large that the MEPI-accredited Montessori school meets or exceeds clearly established measures of quality and has demonstrated a commitment to the betterment of a genuine Montessori institution. 

How the Program Works
  1. ​Become a school member of MEPI at the Silver Level Silver level schools have required Montessori certified staff and Montessori equipment to provide a supportive environment for MEPI interns. 

  2. Review eligibility requirements Eligibility for Accreditation

  3. Apply, using the Application Form along with $150  (US) application 

  4. Receive confirmation of application and fee from MEPI

  5. Review the Domains and Standards for Accreditation Domains Overview

  6. Complete and submit self-study Steps & Stages

  7. Discuss and resolve questions with Accreditation Commissioners

  8. Receive confirmation of completion of self study

  9. Send request for On-site visit of Commissioner

  10. Complete accreditation On-site visit

  11. Accreditation Commission informs school of results and send certificate

Accreditation Commissioners

Claire Salkowski - Chair

John Moncure - co-Chair

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