MEPI fosters and generates authentic Montessori education by developing and offering programs to educate and certify Montessori professionals and provides continuing development and networking opportunities.

MEPI aims to promote the rights of all beings, particularly children, and to bring about peace in the world through Montessori education



We are a society dedicated to peace and the welfare of children and, as such, wish to model responsible behavior for our children. Adults and children alike must find understanding

in the recent unconscionable events in our capital.

MEPI specifically condemns violence and lawlessness of the mob, incited by the president of the United States, that shocked the world.

Further, we recognize the disparity in the responses of law enforcement in the recent violence and earlier, largely peaceful demonstrations of support for social justice that took place last year in Washington D.C.  and around the country.

Responsible adults choose discourse over aggression and honesty over lies,

and we must all work together to change the discourse from anger and confrontation

to one of respect and collaboration based on commonly recognized facts. 

MEPI Board of Directors - January 2021

Our 2021 Hands for Peace Conference is postponed to

February 18 - 20, 2022

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January 30 Saturday - 10:00am Eastern Standard Time  Positive Discipline - Understanding the Child-

Presented by Sarah Galley

Coming in March - Dyslexia in the Primary Classroom - by Patrick McGlinchy 

Managing Change -  by Dr John Moncure 

Sensational Sensorial -  by Renata Faccioli




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