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Front row: Gail Keppler, Dr Helen Billings (seated),  Mary Helen Cline;  2nd row:  Gail Morgan, Sheryl Sweet, Marie Yankee; Back row: Nancy Lindeman, Marianne Bivins; Not pictured: Beti Wyn Holcombe

Montessori Educational Programs International (MEPI) was founded in 1995 during a meeting in Kansas City of a group of 8 representatives of established teacher education programs. Interested in promoting peace through authentic Montessori education and practice, these visionaries sought a new direction with Montessori education. 


​As Montessorians they looked for a renowned mentor for support and advice. Dr. Helen Billings had established the Montessori Institute of America (MIA) and the International Montessori Institute (IMI) and had taught and certified many of the women who came together in 1995. It was a blessing when Dr. “B” gave her enthusiastic approval for them to establish a new Montessori teacher education program (MEPI) founded on her legacy and dream of an educational program promoting peace. 


Sheryl Sweet served as the first President of MEPI, with Beti Wyn Holcombe (Vice President /later Executive Director), Marianne Bivins (Secretary/Treasurer), and Nancy Lindeman (Membership Chair).  

Under the guidance of the Board and Mary Helen Cline (Education Committee Chair), a class of 13 graduates were awarded the very first MEPI certificates in October, 1995.


MEPI was an early supporter and advocate for the formation of MACTE (originally AAMTE).  Chuck and Shirley Plath, with other Montessorians testified before congress in Washington D.C.  and ultimately celebrated MACTE’s  recognition by the Dept of Education in 1995,  as the national Montessori accreditor for teacher education programs. This would set the standards for Montessori training programs internationally.


 Sheryl Sweet stepped in as our first representative in MACTE, also continuing throughout her life to promote the excellence of Montessori education which MACTE’s standards require. 


Our first international teacher education programs opened in Egypt under Marguerite Richardt, and in Jerusalem under Nouha Batshon. MEPI’s international programs and courses have now expanded to over 10 countries.

About MEPI: About Us
About MEPI: Team Members

Board of Directors


Sarah Galley

Vice President

Shirley Plath Fun Chair

Membership Chair


Pashawn Johnson



Rachel Buechler



Tamela Mills

Peace & Social Justice Chair

Ogaga photo.jpg

Dr. Ruth Ogaga

Ambassador Chair

image1 (1).jpeg

Erica Santana

Nomination Chair


Dr. Aja Deburn

Conference Chair

Mary Helen Headshot.jpg

Mary Helen Cline

Founding Member

Education Chair


Amy Rolan

Publicity Chair


Dr. John Moncure

School Accreditation Chair


Sandra Pokos

Teacher Education Chair


Carrie Allen

Executive Coordinator

Reading Books

Council of Elders

The Council of Elders is an advisory body to the Board of Directors who embrace the guiding principles of MEPI

Marguerite Richardt


Melody Mosby


Beti Wyn Holcombe


Noha Batshon

Israel / Massachusetts

Marianne Bivins


Warren McPherson


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